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Foretelling the Next 50 Years
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Joyride To Infinity:
A Scientific Study of the Doomsday Literature
©2000, 440 pages, 6" x 9", ISBN: 1-878465-35-X, $25.00

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Joyride to Infinity is primarily a factual analysis of the recent writings of 140 real and bogus authorities bearing on the following ideas:
One World as today's dream and tomorrow's nightmare.
Globalization is for the enrichment of financiers.
How free trade creates labor slavery at home and abroad.
How starvation and AIDS are curbing Third World populations.
U.S. immigration as the key to world population control.
How Cultural Diversity dooms the environment.
How soon will information overload lead to technological collapse?
Globalization will bring the end of nationhood and the beginning of chaos.
The exponential curve of living things versus the bell curve of chance.
How the 18th Century Enlightenment will destroy us in the 21stCentury.
Affirmative Action in our universities.
Postmodernism as vindictive nihilism.
The racial component in character and intelligence.
The g factor and genetic intelligence.
K-12 core knowledge curriculum will help the underclass.
Why so few scientists take parapsychology seriously.
Materialism and the future of religion.
Who will feed China?
How Western Civilization earned its hegemony.
The first ninety pages of the book are a scientific autobiography of the author.
The author's academic credentials:
Doctor of Philosophy in physics.
Radar development group leader in World War II.
Life Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
Founding president of the Parapsychological Association
Fellow of the American Psychological Society.
Emeritus Research Professor of Biological Sciences.
Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
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