Joyride to Infinity
Foretelling the Next 50 Years
(From the back cover of the book)

Among educated people there is a division of opinion about our economic future. Most believe that today's prosperity will continue indefinitely. A few see calamity around the next corner. Who is right? And why is this division of opinion so one-sided? These are questions to be explored in this book.

Government agencies release findings only on questions that are politically acceptable. Politicians cannot be believed because they will not be elected if they tell unpleasant truths.

Professional prognosticators, who dwell in think tanks and claim to provide scholarly, unbiased opinions, ordinarily must tailor their findings to please their patrons or the clientele they serve. No one will pay for bad news of more than temporary duration. Long-range predictions beyond the next presidential election must always be favorable if funding is to continue.

News media are not much help in revealing the future. They report news of the day, along with such common wisdom as will not deeply offend their advertisers or their, readers. If informed opinion appears occasionally in the news, it will not be recognized amid the noise.

For those seriously interested in our country's future a decade from now, there is no organizational source of information within the political power structure that is not committed to optimism.

The primary sources of information that are free to consider the controversial topics that directly relate to the future of our economy and our civilization are university professors and a few investigative reporters. This book studies the opinions of some 140 professors and investigative reporters who claim expertise in various aspects of the future of mankind and who give detailed reasons for believing what they say.

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