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Foretelling the Next 50 Years
Real and bogus authorities

From the book's Copyright page:

"This is a multidisciplinary, empirical attempt to understand the future of mankind.... The work is based upon publicly recorded beliefs and behavior from nearly every area of the Earth.... With regard to specific variables of the human condition, such as population, the author has tried to determine accurately current values, historical trends, and possible future rates of change. From these an estimate of future values may be made. The resulting predictions for such variables are intended to be empirical rather than based upon hope, fear, or intuition."

Other People From the Book:

Because of the encyclopedic nature of this book, it is impossible to summarize its themes in a page or two. Instead, the author has selected from the Name Index some of the better known persons who contributed to the reasoning in the book, other than those already listed under 140 real and bogus authorities. This is followed by topics from the book, other than those already given on the main page.

Alvarez, Luis W.
Anthony, Susan B.
Balfour, Arthur James
Bekhterev, V. M.
Belasco, David
Bell, Alexander Graham
Benedict, Ruth
Binet, Alfred
Blackmore, Susan
Boas, Franz
Bohr Niels
Boltzmann, Ludwig
Boring, Edwin
Broughton, Richard S.
Browning, Robert
Brzezinski, Zbigniew
Burbank, Luther
Burt, Cyril
Carlson, Chester
Carson, Rachel
Carter, Pres. James Earl
Chamberlain, Neville
Chance, Britton
Chavez, Linda
Churchill, Winston
Clark, Lord (Kenneth B.)
Clemens, Samuel ("Mark Twain")
Condon, Edward U.
Coon, Carleton
Crick, Francis
Darwin, Charles
de Tocqueville, Alexis
Descartes, Rene
Dewey, John
Dickens, Charles
Douglas, William O.
Douglass, Frederick
Edison, Thomas
Einstein, Albert
Eisenbud, Jule
Ellis, Havelock
Esdaile, James
Estes, William
Faraday, Michael
Festinger, Leon
Finn, Huck
Fisher, Ronald A.
Flynn, James R.
Forwald, Haakon
Freud, Sigmund
Galton, Francis
Garibaldi, Giuseppi
Gauss, Carl Friedrich
Gibbs, Josiah
Goldney, K.M.
Gore, Albert
Haeckel, Ernest
Haldane, J.B.S
Hamilton, Alexander
Hansel, C.E.M
Harding, Sandra
Havel, Vaclav
Hay, John Drummond
Hegel, Georg
Heidegger, Martin
Heilbroner, Robert
Heisenberg, Werner
Hirsch, Jerry
Hitler, Adolph
Hogben, Launcelot
Holmes, Oliver Wendell
Hoover, Herbert
Hrdlicka, Ales
Hugo, Victor
Humphreys, Lloyd G.
Huxley, Julian
Hyman, Ray
Jahn, Robert G.
Joan of Arc
Jordan, Michael
Josephson, Brian D.
Jung, Carl
Kamin, Leon J.
Kennedy, Edward
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald
Kennedy, Robert
Keynes, J. Maynard
King, Jr., Martin Luther
Kuhn, Thomas
Lacan, Jacques
Lederberg, Joshua
Lee, Robert E.
Levi-Strauss, Claude
Linnaeus, Carolus
Locke, John
Locurto, Charles
Lombroso, Cesare
Lysenko, Trofim
Mao Tse Tung
Marx, Karl
McDougall, William
Mead, Margaret
Mellon, Paul
Mendel, Gregory
Mill, John Stuart
Miller, Neal
Montagu, Ashley
Muir, John
Muller, Herman J.
Murphy, Gardner
Nietzsche, Friedrich
Nixon, Richard Milhous
Oglethorpe, James
Osis, Karlis
Pearson, Karl
Penney, J.C.
Perot, Ross
Pinchot, Gifford
Pius, IX, Pope
Planck, Max
Podolsky, B
Pope, Dorothy H.
Pot, Pol
Powell, Kenneth F.
Prince, Walter Franklin
Ravitch, Diane
Rayleigh, Lord (3rd Baron)
Reagan, Ronald
Reno, Janet
Revere, Paul
Richet, Charles
Rockefeller, Laurance
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano
Roosevelt, Theodore
Rose, Steven
Rosenthal, Robert
Rousseau, Jean Jacques
Rowan, Carl T.
Rubenstein, Artur
Ruskin, John
Sagan, Carl
Saint-Saens, Camille
Scarr, Sandra
Schiller, Johann C. F.
Schlesinger, Jr., Arthur
Schmidt, Adolph W.
Schmidt, Helen Mellon
Schumann, Robert
Scott, Sir Walter
Searle, John R.
Shaw, George Bernard
Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Sidgwick, Henry
Skinner, B.F.
Snow, C.P.
Soros, George
Spearman, Charles
Spengler, Oswald
Stalin, Joseph
Steele, Shelby
Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Swedenborg, Emanuel
Termon, Lewis Madison
Thomas, Clarence
Thorndike, Edward Lee
Toynbee, Arnold
Trudeau, Pierre
Truman, Harry S.
Tubman, Harriet
Utts, Jessica
Varvoglis, M.P.
Watson, J.B.
Watson, James
Webb, Sidney and Beatrice
Wells, H.G.
Whitehead, Alfred North
Wilson E.O.
Wordsworth, William
Wundt, Wilhelm
Yerkes, Robert M.

Other Topics From the Book:

Exponential growth as Nature's law.
Physics as an Islamic art form.
Vatican opposition to immigration control.
Head Start does not raise IQ.
Transracial adoption does not raise IQ.
Cultural Diversity as a euphemism for Multiculturalism.
How assortative mating affects the bell curve of IQ.
The effrontery of Feminist science.
Economic Globalization is eliminating the middle class.
Lower class revolt will collapse our technological civilization.
PC as the policeman of postmodernism.
How twins reveal the heritability of intelligence.
Parapsychology and Einstein, Podolsky, & Rosen (EPR).
Eugenics, the once and future hope of mankind.
Is parapsychology the path to scientific morality?
Parapsychology and philosophic dualism.
How the joyride will end.
Negroid, Caucasian, and Mongoloid intelligence.
Postmodern feminism.
Third World famine will occur when China buys all food surpluses.

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