Summary of Joyride to Infinity
R. A. McConnell

Joyride to Infinity: A Scientific Study of the Doomsday Literature, is a two-part book. The major part is a bibliography reviewing works by 140 scientists and scholars on world problems that must be solved for the survival of civilization in the twenty-first century. 

The authors whose writings I have reviewed are mostly persons who have shown courage by writing publicly about one or more of the following six politically taboo topics: (1) the preservation of the values of Western Civilization, (2) the heritability of intelligence, (3) the importance of cultural compatibility, (4) the implications of unlimited population growth, (5) the key role of immigration in limiting world population, and (6) the inevitable and perhaps imminent collapse of the globalized economy.

The other part of the book is an autobiographical account of my professional life, which was largely spent exploring extrasensory perception (ESP). I hope this autobiography will lead some of those scientists whose books I have reviewed, to accept the possibility of the reality of ESP.

Except in the area of ESP and related phenomena, what I have presented in Joyride to Infinity are not my own ideas but a survey of the ideas of most of the existing persons whom I could find who have written recently, successfully, and at length about topics in their claimed areas of expertise. What they offer are not just some opinions. Rather, these opinions constitute nearly all of the available and possibly worthwhile opinions on a particular topic. Among the wise and not so wise men and women whose works I have reviewed are brilliant scientists and scholars--some the best in their fields. From their overall performance in their own areas it is apparent that they are not naturally inclined to pessimism. There could be no reason to dismiss them cavalierly as mistaken in their dire predictions. They are in remarkable agreement when writing about their chosen topic, although they are not always in agreement when talking about the other controversial topics listed above. 

My most important bibliographical entry in Joyride to Infinity is Lindsey Grant's Juggernaut: Growth on a Finite Planet, which I have captured in 12 pages. The most significant 2400 pages of Arthur Jensen's writings on intelligence have been accurately compressed to a readable 50 pages. To properly explain Robert Bork's inconsequential Slouching Toward Gomorrah required a surprising eight pages. 

As for my parapsychological writings, this is the field where I have spent most of my professional life. I am not a theorist, but an experimentalist. I have produced what I believe is irrefutable experimental evidence for the existence of parapsychological phenomena. My parapsychological work has been published in peer-reviewed journals inside and outside the field. My experiments are but a tiny part of the total evidence for these phenomena. The scientific leaders of parapsychology have sterling reputations. Many of them have done substantial creative work in other fields of science. On the other hand, the only vocal opposition to parapsychology comes from a handful of dedicated individuals who contrive controversy by focusing criticism upon the experiments of less competent lay investigators, whom this field attracts in great numbers, and by spicing their criticisms with ridicule.

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