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Encounters with Parapsychology 1982 6" x 9" 243 $12.00 0-9610232-1-X
Parapsychology and Self-Deception in Science 1983 6" x 9" 158



An Introduction to Parapsychology in the Context of Science 1983 6" x 9" 351 $18.00 0-9610232-3-6
Parapsychology in Retrospect: My Search for the Unicorn 1987 6" x 9" 238



Far Out in the New Age: The Subversion of Science by Cultural Communism 1995 8.5" x 11" 204



Joyride to Infinity: A Scientific Study of the Doomsday Literature 2000 6" x 9" 440


1-878465-35-X Are You There?
On the Deeper Meaning of ESP
2001  4.5" x 6.0" 96

$ 8.00


Can We Win This War?: ISLAM 2002 4.5" x 6.0" 128 $ 8.00 0-9610232-9-5

The author of Far Out in the New Age is "Robert McConnell".
The author or editor of the other seven books is "R. A. McConnell".
The publisher of Joyride to Infinity is now R. A. McConnell. The ISBN number remains unchanged.
The above titles link to their respective pages.

Because their profit margin is small, most on-line book vendors will report a book by an independent publisher as being "out of print" if they have not recently made an on-line sale of a copy of that book.

However, the local stores of the same e-behemoths will accept a telephone order for a credit-card sale and get the book to their store within a week if the book is identified by the title, author, and ISBN, and if the store is told when the order is placed that the following conditions are met:

  1. The book is listed in the electronic version of Books in Print at the current list price.

  2. The book is in stock at some particular large book distributor, such as THE DISTRIBUTORS located in South Bend, IN 46601.

All of my books listed above will meet these two conditions.

If you do not wish to wait a week, you can order my books at list price from:

The University of Pittsburgh Book Center
4000 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213 USA
Voice (412) 648-1452 during business hours in the Eastern Time Zone.

This university book store stocks all of my books and ordinarily can ship a book the day after they receive your telephoned Visa or MasterCard order. They will also accept payment by bank check after you have telephoned to learn the shipping cost via your preferred shipping method, but will delay shipment until they have received and processed your check.

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