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Can We Win This War?
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The Sovereignty of Science (Scientific Belief is
Obedience to Authority)
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An Atheist Tells
Why He Rejects ESP
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Can We Win This War?: ISLAM
©2002, 128 pages, 4.5" x 6", ISBN: 0-9610232-9-5, $8.00

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In this book, Dr. McConnell takes us back 15 centuries to learn from Mohammed what made him successful and then turns to the Internet today to let Muslims speak for themselves. Can 1.3 billion Muslims be wrong in believing, as the Koran says they must, that all Christians who do not convert to Islam will be damned to Hell for all eternity on the day of final judgment?

In Part V of this book (Chapters 21-23), Dr. McConnell takes up the question "Who owns the world?" This turns out to be a religious question directly related to "Can we win this war?", and is determined by a belief in atheism.

Ownership at present, according to the principles of materialism, is a privilege of the class of financiers known as "globalists." The fatal flaw in their intellectual elitism is the unacknowledged fact that a technically advanced civilization cannot exist without the services of people with widely differing abilities, ranging upward from some minimum level. To win this war will require the evolution of a new form of capitalism.

The body of this book is comprised of three essays, which are listed to the left. The first, "Can We Win This War?", consists of 3 parts. The second, "The Sovereignty of Science", and the third, "An Atheist Tells Why He Rejects ESP", are supplementary essays which the author felt would be helpful for an understanding of the Islamic point of view.

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